Email Marketing: 25 Top Facts

It is all about making sales.

Therefor, email marketing is one of the most important tools in internet marketing world and in every other business for sure too.

Here I present you 25 top facts around the topic email marketing.

Email Marketing: 25 Top Facts

Email marketing is money at your finger tip.

After this 25 facts you know a lot more about email marketing and I guess you will not miss it anymore if you are not already in.

  1. 44 percent of e-mail recipients actuated a purchase based on a promotional mail.
  2.  33 percent of e-mail recipients opened an e-mail only, due to the subject line.
  3. It is estimated that only half will be a mailing list active – either open or by clicking the e-mail.
  4. Subject lines with fewer than 10 characters received an opening rate of 58 percent.
  5. Emails with personalized subject lines have increased by 22% opening probability.
  6. Subject lines with the words “money” and “profit” achieved the best performance in B2B recipients.
  7. 64 percent of people say they would open an email because the subject line.
  8. Seven out of ten people took advantage of a coupon or discount, which comes from an advertising-mail last week.
  9. 39 percent of marketers have no strategy for mobile e-mail.
  10. 72 percent of B2B customers are willing to share useful content via email.
  11. 56 percent of companies plan to use e-mail marketing in 2013 to expand.
  12. The biggest return receive emails on Monday.
  13. 27 percent of customers would recommend your favorite companies to invest more in e-mail marketing.
  14. One of two marketers use animated gifts in e-mail campaigns.
  15. This year 84 percent of e-mail traffic will consist of spam.
  16. Sales for e-mail marketing reached 2012, the 156 million US dollar mark (approximately EUR 119 million).
  17. Contained emails social media buttons these mails get higher by 158 percent click-through rate.
  18. Women click in mobile e-mail to ten percent more often than men.
  19. E-mail marketing budgets are growing by 10 percent annually.
  20. 40 percent of B2B marketers attest Leads from the e-mail marketing of high quality.
  21. Average for each invested in email marketing Euro comes back four times earnings.
  22. 82 percent of the clients open emails from businesses.
  23. 64 percent of decision-makers read their emails on mobile devices.
  24. In 2013 there were about 3.6 billion e-mail accounts.
  25. In 2016 the number of 4.3 billion will have been achieved

And here is a video with  some top email marketing myths debunked.




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