Google Plus- Get more traffic on your blog or website

These days it is not so easy to bring  traffic on your new blog. You can buy views and clicks but organic traffic is free and can help your blog a lot to be found on the world wide web.

A good trick to get better recognized is to create a google plus account for your blog.

In the next picture you see my blog Herzensleben on google  the keywords ” Neumond 2015″- ” New moon 2015. ”  That happens really often to my rankings and if  you have a good post in frequency that will help your blog too to get better ranked on google. It shows you as an authority website.


Google Plus- Get better recognized with your blog

On the picture above you can see that Herzensleben on google plus account got ranked twice and that on page one on google.

On the second picture you see google search for the keyword: Herzensleben.

Here you can see the second advantage; google gives google plus accounts a nice following box.

You see it in the right corner in the picture below.

Google Plus- Get better recognized with your blog 2015-07-17 um 17.06.20

At least I think google plus is as social media totally undervalued, that means google plus will get a really big thing.

In the video below is a little tutorial about google plus,what it is and how to use it, enjoy.




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