Keep on posting good content Traffic for your blog.

As Traffic is one of the main hurdles to get your blog going, we highly recommend to post frequently good content. If, you keep on posting good content (Keep on posting good content Traffic for your blog)it also the way to get this traffic coming back to your website.

Look for small issues, some call it problems. If you already have this solution for this issue, express your experiences on how you solved this or those issues. Pop in to your blog and write an article about it and share it on social network.

You can although upload a solution tutorial for issue there is in the beginning no need to produce a video. If you do perfect but if you stuck in a rute, just search on you tube for the choosen problem.

Do not forget to post pictures in your articles. That keeps your blog alive and engages the viewers.

If you need pictures go to http://pixabay.com there are 420 000 pictures which you can use licences free.

You do not need to write a big article. I recommend 250 words, that you will easily be found from the search engines.

What is when you do not have an issue to write about in mind?

Therefor just look in the QSC 3.0. FB group what is in people’s mind. What solutions they are  looking for? What information is needed and will be valuable for them?

While knowing what people have in their mind on their journey, will help you a lot.

Now you say I am Newbie myself, I do not know how to solve this issue.

Therefor just google it. Do not copy and paste another article try to write some unique content with a little inspirational help from the article you just googled.

I hope that will help you to get better recognized and that you get to your highest potential.

To your success.






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