List Building Challenge- Are You In?

Everbody who starts a new online business has the same problem.

In the beginning there is no traffic and even worse you will have no followers. So you need to own a list where you can market your service and your goods too.

” The money is in the list ” is a sentence which you have heard many times before.

But how do you build your own list?

A very good thing for your list-buildng is to prepare your website with opt-ins and squeeze pages with good and useful bonuses as give away. For example you can  write an ebook or prepare little explainer videos with valued information. That will help you to build up trust and you as an authority too. Always keep one thing in your mind- give as much as you can and overdeliver with important information. Show your audience some hidden secrets or some useful stuff like a fine tunning of an helpful plugin.

So after that important step you will have some followers on your list.

Now it is all to build up more trust and even much more authority power. Give more useful information and provide solutions for the clients issues. That you can do now easily while using a propper email marketing. If you are a newbie in that special topic, you will see that is a key element like building your own blog.

Download your free Copy ” The Money Is In The List

A Challenge as the Solution

Therefore I wanna present you today a very good solution where you can learn everything about email marketing and list building.

List Building Challenge- Are You In?

Build My List 1.0- 2.0 comes with a total new interface

Jimmy Kims ” Build My List 2.0 “.

Jimmy Kim is a very successful internet marketer with the special topic email marketing. He can help you a lot with his tips and his webinars  are very good with a lot of valuable information. But more Jimmy is a master of overdelivery- that means while this 2.0 version there will be a lot of contests with really amazing prices- like Jimmy sending your emails to his own list.

If you have already mastered the QSC 3.0 this could be a very helpful 49.- Dollar class for you with an amzing FB group. If you are in this group you will get very good offers for example for solo ads with unbelivable good optin and sales rates.

Build My 2.0 is more then a look worth- it comes with a complet 30 days money back guarantee and it is a so called absolut no- brainer.

To your Success,

Jochen Marcus

Here a view voices to Build My List

Check it out- Build My List 2.0- it is time for your success

Download your free Copy ” The Money Is In The List

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