PLR – MMR – RR – What is the difference?

Once you start interesting yourself for internet marketing, you quickly hear about PLR packages.  They are a great way to be successful online. Still, you have to take your time and exactly read what you are really purchasing. As when you buy a digital product the key is to know the rights that you get from the product creator to use it or resale it legally.

Digital Products – Know your rights!

Digital products is a great way to start selling products online. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between PLR, MRR and RR. It is essential to know your rights to know how you are going to market your product.

Knowing the legal rights of the product will help you be successful online.

PLR - MMR - RR - What is the difference?

Resell Rights

You are permitted to resell the product to your customer in order to make a profit, but your buyers are not allowed to resell it to their customers. Basically, you cannot claim authorship, change it in any way or add resell rights to the product, for these products are designed to sell onto buyers who want to use it for themselves without redistributing and giving someone else the ability to sell the specific product.

Master Resale Rights – MRR

MRR rights make it possible for you to resell the product along with the basic resell rights that come along with it, meaning your customer will be able to sell the product to his/her customers as well. MMR products are more favorable for prospects would like to be able to distribute the product among themselves in order to make money or gain from it. MRR rights are similar to Resell Rights and you are not allowed to claim authorship or change the product in any way.

 Private Label Rights – PLR

PLR rights not only allow you to buy the product, but also give you the ability to change it in any way you want to. A PLR product can basically be treated as if you had created it yourself as the author, along with the resell rights; however you are not allowed to claim the copyright on the product.

Buying PLR would always be a good investment, BUT be sure to read the license agreement beforehand, for some PLR products will still have restrictions forbidding certain actions like giving the product away for free or changing the content itself. Branding rights are confused with PLR nowadays and some products will only allow you to brand the product with your own affiliate links, nothing more.


If, you want to purchase any PLR or MMR packages and make business out of it, then you just have to read precisely your legal rights as a user and/or as a reseller. As always the quality of the products your purchase remains your greatest asset!

Here a short video about PLR products

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