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Hello Everybody,

As most, Quick Start Challenge 3.0.members have just started their new blog, I want to clear up a few mistakes that I made when I started my first blog.

I thought it was not important to collect leads- emails- when I started  my blog. I guess I missed over 200- 500 subscribers in the first three months. And, then I heard in a webinar that the money is in the list. Amazon and e-bay make 80% of their sales through email marketing.

Now three months later, I have 230 subscribers. They get every week a free angel reading and a special monthly reading which is exclusive only for the ones who subscribed.

quick start challenge 3.0

Actually, it is very important to keep your leads warm, which means you have to always keep contact with your subscribers.

As you may know, if you want to trigger a sale, there is minimum of 7 touching pointsbefore a buying decision. Many prospects will never get those 7 touching points, cause they do not integrate email marketing in their business.

Send your subscribers valuable information which gives you an expert status and helps to build up trust. Send them freebies, checklists or an e-book.

Now many of you may say “ I do not have  any proper content which I can deliver „. At this point, you should get some PLR products in your niche- and there, you will find content for your email marketing.

A good way to start to collect leads is mail poet which is a freeware wp plugin with up to 2000 subscribers.

 I got in the Quick Start Challenge 3.0 FB group awesome information about mailchimp. That I was not aware about as I am german.​

That I was not aware about as I am german.​

If you want to start a little more professional you can use mailchimp which is for 2000 subscribers and up to 12 000 emails per months lifetime free.

Or, you could use mailpoet , but as you know or perhaps not, every WordPress plugins slows down your website and is a little security threat. Mailpoet had  last autumn a security issue but now it is solved and everything is fine.

Also a great way to collect leads will be Getleadsnow. Getleadsnow is our membership site which will be released in the next few days.

Be prepared and get with Getleadsnow into new dimensions of internet marketing.

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