Responsive website- is it a must have?

Today on the street you see more and more people with their mobile devices. But, often the mobile users have problems, cause they can not watch every website without text -or comfort losses.

Now comes the word ” responsive ” on the table.

Responsiveness describes the ability, that a website design can be adopted to any screen size.

Mobile phones with a big chip setting have these days more cpu power then a 4000 dollar laptop in 1999.

Responsive website- is it a must have?

Responsive layouts


In the USA and in Japan over 60 % of the online traffic is on mobile devices and it is getting more and more each day.

The trend will go more and more mobile.

Since the 21 of april 2015- google penalize you with your rankings when your blog or website is not responsive.

If you do not have a nice responsive theme for your wp blog, subscribe to our newsletter and there is on the Thank you page a download of the Anew theme,

Anew  was recommended to me be a great german css- wordpress guy when I started with blogging a few months ago.

I highly recommend to keep this theme in your mind if you have not already reacted with this issue.


Here is a responsive video with 10 free wordpress responsive themes:




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