Thrive Smart Links – An epic new additionnal feature

The Thrive Themes Team did it again! They managed to find a solution which will bring your website conversion and your email marketing to the next level. As, Shane Melaugh mentions in the video below, this is a failure that more than 99% of website are doing! Do you want to be ahead and build a website made for new visitors and also adapted to your subscribers?

Thrive SmartLinks - Smarter than ever

Thrive Leads & Thrive SmartLinks

Thrive Leads is already an amazing plugin, a great way to collect your leads. Now, with SmartLinks we are entering a totally new level. SmartLinks will offer you the possibility to build a much more intelligent website.

As you may know, most of website have a conversion goal, which in the beginning as mostly to do with building a subscriber list. Your email list, your subscribers should become your major source of income. It means you have to take care of your subscribers and of course give them good content.

But, what happens, the next time a subscriber comes back to your website? He will see all the same optins forms all over your website. You have to admit it would be great if this  subscriber could be able to see brand new offers instead of all the newsletters otpin forms or other subscribe forms.

It means that the most valuable part of your audience is seeing always the same offers. This is simply a waiste of space as Shane Melaugh mentions.

Thrive Themes always a step ahead

Now, anybody using Thrive Themes will be able to offer to their subscribers a brand new content on their website, it is simply revolutionnary and at the same time totally logical! Just simply watch the video below from Shane Melaugh, who will show you how magical it really is!

Big thank you again to Thrive Themes for all their great work and achievement!

Thrive SmartLinks exclusiv page!

Thrive SmartLinks exclusiv page!

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