Thrive Themes - New Social Sharing Buttons

As I mentioned in my last article,Thrive Themes design for newbies and pros, the Thrive Themes team is simply constantly delivering!

When it is not a new plugin coming out, than it is a new theme, or a new great element like the new social sharing buttons.

Thrive Themes - New Social Sharing Buttons

​"You can now add social sharing buttons anywhere in your posts, pages and landing pages. And quite simply, these are the most flexible, most advanced and most performance optimized social sharing buttons ever to be made available for WordPress."

Shane Melaugh
Thrive Themes Co-Founder

Thrive Themes - New Social Sharing Buttons

The Thrive Themes team as always attached a lot of importance towards social media. Now they have released this excellent element to the content builder. You are now free to have social sharing element that adapt to your content.

​This is a short video from Shane Melaugh :

You can find the social share buttons in your Thrive Content Builder control panel, in the "Multi-Stlye Elements" section:

When you click on the element, it will drop down with two options - Custom design and Default design:

There are many different options and styles. For each one of them you have a Tabs with social settings.

​Here are a few design possibilities 

The Facebook buttons, here, are not active for the moment, to share on Facebook press the one at the end of post, thank you.

Three other buttons Linkedin, Pinterest and Xing are also available.

There are a lot of options and everything is thought of to make your social media life easier. This new feature has just arrived, it will be constantly being updated like everything else by Thrive Themes. Stay tuned, as we will be keeping up with Thrive Themes post.

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We wish you all a nice day and to achieve your goals.

Jochen & Charles 

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